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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What Samsung is introducing in the Galaxy Note 9

Side curvy and sharp-sighted suave, decked in dedicated and a delicate handset in the hands. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one premium personal PC meant not to be a computer. But seriously, this smartphone is putting on pull-and-push machine muscle power to perpetrate every tidbit of chipset compactly crammed with topnotch tech surpasses. 

The hype is real and this Samsung device is absolutely surreal. The new glass design is a bit improved with eerie enhancements to the screen - lavender purplish and blue. So here’s the real deal out of the box you will be getting at the first glance.

What Samsung is introducing in the Galaxy Note 9

The intense trailblazing factor of the Note 9 doesn’t just ends up here but goes straight into its core. Take it this way, if you’re familiar with the last Note Models - Note 7 (battery darned version lol) and the reinvented Note 8 (cool and customized), you should be gushing out your glares on this gorgeous device. Every spec delivers out its functionality to perform pinnacles. Of course, keeping the Note 9 in sound shape Samsung Note 9 instilled with some really good tech thumps this year to give you guys a thumbs up deal on the cash you’re spending.

So here's the 1000$ package you’re getting and it’s totally worth the deal when you’re a high-end phone user ramming up critical technologies right into the pockets.

DISPLAY - Jaw-drop dike your eyes in the pure Pixel molten Screen

*An incredible 83.4% screen to body ratio*

*1440 x 2960 pixelated cinematic curvature harnessing an eye-arresting 516 PPI density*

*Corning Gorilla Glass 5 steel-cladded Screen inculcated*

Nothing could beat the real show and neither can anyone steal it this time or any time soon. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 delivers a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, which is one heck of a deal for all those CGI movies, YouTube videos, photo/video editors, and even those ratchet gaming geeks. In order to calibrate every audiovisual demonstration that gives you a spectacle leaking effect with a spectrum of vibrant colors oozing out, the 6.4” screen is surprisingly a movielike magnificence right in your hands. You literally get everything when it comes to the exhibition unit of this latest Samsung flagship module of 2018.

BUILD DESIGN - Decked up and Deeply Devoted

*Subtle heavy with a deftly dense weighing around 201 g (7.09 oz)*

*Adroitly sandwiched aluminum glass frame with Gorilla Glass 5*

When it comes to the concrete build of this gorgeous glass build smartphone frame. The Samsung Note 9 accomplish every on-the-go mobile d├ęcor meant to rest in your hands. The smooth curved edges give it the mitigating elite look. Taking the building design to a whole rogue class level, this could easily be put in with the analogy of a high personnel tossing on a black leather jacket over themselves. The Galaxy Note 9 garments up a dazzling glass framework to keep things massively happening in the miniature PC mobile.

Perceiving the intensified glowers by the Gorilla Glass 5 entrenchedsophistication, this phones’ shines supremely with daylight dainty mirroring effects. Together with the trimness of corners to gracefully delve in with that elegant body build design. Equally putting on the table, the building design remarkably reciprocates with the display and proves that Samsung has revealed a splendid body beholding stunner that keeps up improving every year.

PERFORMANCE - Picks finger touches on the dot and functions’ swiftly

*Thrilled in with a full-force staggered chipset - Exynos 9810 Octa - EMEA*

*Dual Octa Core CPU delivers smooth transitions between multifaceted functionalities*

*GPU - Mali G72 stands running fortitudes with Adreno 630*

*The Galaxy Note 9 runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo OS, confirmed update to Pie and above*

Employing each of those fingers on the screen with facilitating endowments lets you engage with superlative functionalities you can pull out off of this sophisticated block. The slab feels so icky when it comes to the performance range and that’s pretty high when comparing other flagships out there in the market. The dual CPUs intact on this Note ambushes every intricate stoppage that might come in-between mobile applications. Everything is touched to summits when it comes to paramount core credentials.

Performance wise, the Galaxy Note 9 is on a win-win situation if you’re that one multitasking guy. Embracing one app after another without closing them in the background is not a problem for the 9th Note of Samsung at this year’s pre-fall season.

Additionally, the 6 GB and 8 GB variants are extraordinarily PC overwhelmed to give you an even-tempered enactment of a range of capabilities it engrosses in. Irrespective it’s video watching on YouTube or the specific functions performed by specific apps meant to offer you its preferred process. You’ll get some prodigious efficacies on the Note 9 in terms of its overall construct to the complex volume inside out.

GAMING PERCEPTION - Smooth Gameplay without any Graphic glitches

*The Qualcomm SnapDragon 845 calms down battery brain drain to extents*

*Adreno 630 makes it possible to run heavy 3D games similar to PC/Console solaces*

*Water carbon fiber cooling system to withstand deep draughts amount of heat*

The above features’ say it all. You are about to enjoy some real deal gaming when it comes to bringing on the desktop eligible games right into your phones. What can I further brag about when it comes to gaming geeks?! All I can say you can test run some great car racing games like the Asphalt 9 Legends or the most exciting action-adventure FPS gameplayFortnite. You’ll unbelievably fall on to your knees, right down from the sofas to your carpet witnessing such wholesome graphic engaging cranked up recital. Your skills will excel affluently during the whole mission or campaigns you’re enthusiastically up to.

CAMERA - 12 MP rear and 8 MP front lenses are eye-catching

Without a doubt. Smartphones are eventually becoming a tough competitor to all those DSLR cameras made by renowned sole lens companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others. The camera on the Note 9 is undoubtedly the best put down object to pretty scenic cannon shooter out there to capture some awe-inspiring snapshots in speedy clicks.

Talking about the details in mind, you can sharp-sighted perceive to the chock-full of all those golden embroidered thread artistry amended on the Harley Quinn Costume jacket popularly recognized as the property of Joker. The camera is that twofold terrific when it comes to pulling in pictures on the Note 9.

The dual 1.5 and 2.4 apertures up on the rear camera conceives some great photos without any light to slight wafts of air that might catch up with the emotions and in-depth focuses. Both, human and nature pictures obliges with every detail and fits in well for the landscape and portrait mode. For the selfie delight on the faces of two or more friends for a group selfie, the f/1.7 aperture is something really to smile on exuberantly.

S PEN - Singlehandedly improvised and uniquely practical

*Stylus inculcated with Blue Tooth Technology*

*Adjustable S pen according to your scribble on screen desires*

When it’s called a Note, everyone not acquainted with the device will shout out the pen. But this time, it does’ something more. Something really tech aside from etching words or drawing on the solidified green with liquefied effects.

With the help of the blue tooth technology, it acts as a perfect stylus to let you perform aerial functions for the phone. A long press launches the camera, a single tap to take photos and a double-click on it will overturn on the front camera to take your selfies. Moreover, it can be adjusted accordingly to your apps as well.

STORAGE - 256 to 512 MB in-board storage and an SD Card to cosset in a full TB Storage in your pockets

*Half a terabyte in-built storage with a Micro SD capacity to shelter in a colossal terabyte*

There you have it guys when you’re looking in to charge in your phones with the best of Google Play apps entrenched with massive configures and definitely those huge sizes of each of them. Especially, those 1 GB+ games aren’t for everyone to play and single-mindedly drool on their screens. For this very reason, the terabyte capacity in a terrific idea by Samsung conceived right for this exclusive 2018 Note 9.

BATTERY - 4000 mAh ready to anchorage in some long-term app usages

*4000 mAh ready to usher your long days with tech in-hands routine*

*Credible non-removal power to give you a high-end pocket gadget assignation*

The non-removable Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery is a great and gets instilled perfectly in a condense body made out of aluminum glass. Of course, the extra battery storage requires a disparity in size as compared to the previous Galaxy Note models. The Note 8 contained a battery capacitated to just only 3300 mAh and now it’s a generous 20% extra to ramp up some rocking performance for a more prolonged period.

The Note 9 gives about 5-6 hours of on-screen display with heavy usage and an 8-10 on display hours when used on a consistent basis every hour with mild-to-high smartphone usage. For me, this is one of the topnotch aspects I appreciated about this Note.

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