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Friday, August 17, 2018

Way2Sms APK Download App Latest Version for Android

Are you having low mobile balance? Want to text something urgent to your buddies?

Here we are with the complete solution to your problem in the name of Way 2 SMS App. This is one such great app that helps you to just send text messages to any mobile number within India or outside India too. All you need to do is just register yourself with this way2sms via 9apps platform and provide your mobile number and some other details such as your name etc. and here you go.

Just log in to your way2sms portal and type the text you want to send to your friends and family. However, there is a certain character limit but it is far behind your typing limit. After typing your message you can even use emoji to send along with the text.

Just type the number of the person to whom you want this SMS to be delivered. And here you go. Within seconds, your text will reach to the desired person with super ease and that too free of cost. This test message will be received in the same folder where other normal text messages are being delivered. This will surely enhance your texting experience.

Features of Way2Sms App

Business messages - You can use this great platform to fulfill your business needs.

Bulk Messages - You can even send messages to multiple users using this great way2sms app. All you need to do is just select several mobile numbers from your contact list and attach it with a single SMS and here you go. Your message will be delivered to so many users within the fraction of seconds.

Too Quick Delivery - This great app will help you to deliver your messages to early within a fraction of seconds.

Free of cost - You don’t have to pay those traditional message charges which your mobile operators deduct from your account balance as per the message transaction rules.

Use Smiley’s - Use those perfect smiles to express your feelings which you use to earlier select on your android devices.  And you don’t have to pay a single penny to avail this super duper offer.

Easy to use - This platform won’t require your much effort to send messages to your friends, family, etc. All you need to do is just log in to this great platform and type your text.

With so many cool features and free message sending facility way2smsm can surely help you in marketing your business or sending all those messages which you want to deliver to a broad audience. So, now if you have any business meeting or any party at your house use way2sms to broadcast this to your circle.

This is a great app and is required to be present in every smart device; you never know when you need it to broadcast your messages. Go and register with the way2sms from vidmate people and avail this opportunity to message a greater audience by typing a single message. Way2sms is an amazing platform for sure.

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